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Improving Heart Health through Emotional Wellness

With support from the American Heart Association, Clymb is addressing the link between emotional wellness and heart health by providing tools and resources to help children develop resilience and mitigate the negative effects of toxic stress.

The Benefits of Competency-Based Education

The benefits of competency-based education (CBE) includes individualized learning, flexibility, real-world relevance, collaborative learning, and personalized support, which can help students take control of their learning and progress at their own pace.

ESSA & Evidence-Based SEL Solutions

Clymb provides educators with dashboards that visualize data and allow them to assess student performance across SEL skills based on CASEL competencies and D-SECS measurements, enabling them to identify students in need of enhanced support and track performance at the organizational level.

Addressing the Youth Mental Health Crisis

The recent Surgeon General’s warning on youth mental health has highlighted the devastating impact that unprecedented and uniquely hard to navigate challenges are having on American school students, with a 40% rise in feelings of hopelessness in just over a decade.

Teacher Burnout: How SEL Can Help

Teacher burnout is a growing problem, with social factors such as lack of support and negative interactions with students contributing to its prevalence. This article explores the negative impact of teacher burnout on schools and how implementing a social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum can help reduce negative behaviors in students and prevent burnout among teachers

Toxic Stress is Demoralizing Teachers

The pandemic has made teaching even more stressful than ever, leading to a projected mass exodus that could create extensive turnover issues for administrators, but there are many things that can be done to support teachers and learners through this difficult time of toxic stress, such as directing ESSER funds to support teachers through evidence-based socio-emotional learning which would be a critical step for promoting emotional wellness and reducing turnover.

Students Voice Gaps in School Mental Health Resources

The current environment of toxic stress has created a mental health crisis among children and schools are in need of evidence-based solutions to address the issue, with up to $63 billion in Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief funds available for the purpose.

Improving Teacher Retention with Social-Emotional Learning

The high rate of teacher burnout and turnover in the United States can be addressed through the implementation of SEL practices in schools, which can create a more supportive and empowering classroom environment for both students and teachers, improving academic performance and reducing behavioral issues.

How Counselors Can Create a Positive School Culture

School counselors can promote positive school cultures by using tools to survey student mental health and wellbeing, empowering students through personalized learning, utilizing competency-based learning, creating connections and trust, and promoting positive behaviors.

Happy Feelings in the Air

Today is International Happiness Day, established by the United Nations General Assembly on June 18th, 2012 to help people around the world realize the importance of happiness in their lives. Thanks to Brandon M. Scott, the Mayor of Baltimore City, today is also Baltimore Happiness Day.

Infinite Focus Schools Rebrands to Clymb

Infinite Focus Schools was founded with the mission to teach young people coping strategies that reduce the impact of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. Since 2018 the company has evolved but will still carry the same mission into the future under a new name: Clymb.

Building Compassionate Classrooms

Writer and educator, Jennifer Yoo-Brannon, shares her thoughts around cultivating classrooms where there is space for the big emotions that inevitably arise during childhood and adolescence.

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