Author: rahulevince

Employee Retention: What Matters to Working Parents

Employers can support working parents during the Great Resignation by prioritizing the mental health and wellness of their employees and their children. By providing preventative wellness resources, like Clymb, we can help create a stronger, more supportive, and resilient workforce for the future.

The Power of the Principal in Building Positive School Cultures

School principals can take a variety of steps to build a positive school culture, including fostering trust and inclusivity, investing in mental health and wellness programs, and providing preventative care initiatives. By prioritizing open communication, diversity, and proactive support, principals can make the most of their school’s budget and minimize stress and burnout for both students and staff.

How Stress Affects Sleep and Productivity

Don’t let stress affect your sleep and productivity! By developing a daily wellness routine, parents can model self-care for their children, promoting healthy habits that reduce stress levels and lead to a lifetime of well-being.

Can Smiling Actually Make You Happier?

According to a recent Stanford study, the act of posing a smile can actually make us happier. The study provides valuable insights into the relationship between facial expressions and our emotional experience, shedding light on the origins of human emotions.

Work-Life Balance for Parents: The Power of Wellness

As a working parent, juggling work and family obligations can be challenging, but with the right tools and support, it’s possible to find a healthy balance. Employers can help by offering wellness programs and promoting emotional intelligence, creating a positive and supportive workplace. Let’s work together to create a happy and fulfilling work-life balance!