Ashley Williams is an educator, emotional wellness advocate and mindfulness expert. With over a decade of experience in the field of emotional wellness, she has dedicated her career to helping individuals and organizations increase their overall happiness and satisfaction in life. She has shared her insights and strategies with audiences around the world.

She has written and implemented mindfulness and emotional wellness curriculum for schools and nonprofits. Realizing that the development of emotional intelligence skills in youth predicts later life outcomes, Ashley launched Clymb- an interactive emotional wellness software for school-age children. She is the 2022 Culture Builder of the Year for Baltimore, which honors her work to make children’s happiness a policy priority. Ashley’s published work has appeared in EdPost and Callaloo, as well as in journals at Cornell University, Howard University, and Southern Illinois University. She has been featured on NPR, the Baltimore Sun, Champions of Wellness, and Technicaly, among many others. She has received Mayoral Recognition for her advocacy work to advance emotional wellness for Baltimore City youth. She attended John Hopkins Social Innovation Lab and was recognized by T. Rowe Price as a Highlighted Moonshot Innovator.

Ashley is a highly experienced meditator who is passionate about sharing the transformative power of mindfulness with others and believes that it has the ability to improve the quality of life for anyone who is willing to commit to the practice. She has in-depth knowledge of the science of meditation and various meditation techniques.