Hear from Clymb founder, Ashley Williams, on why she founded Clymb in our mission video.

Emotional Wellness to Transform the World

Clymb's Mission

To spread happiness through emotional wellness

The Clymb Story

Young people are under more stress than ever. Clymb Founder, Ashley Williams, watched that stress explode into rage, misbehavior, and anxiety when she was a school Director of Climate and Culture. Her mission to help young people increase resilience, make responsible decisions, cultivate empathy, and reduce stress inspired the founding of Infinite Focus Schools, now called Clymb.

Clymb for Global Change

Mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders will cost the world $16 trillion by 2030 in healthcare, criminal justice, and work days lost. Just by increasing our emotional intelligence and improving our emotional health, we can change course. Emotional intelligence is a learned skill. By helping young people develop emotional intelligence skills, Clymb aims to be a vehicle for global good.

Our Purpose is Our Compass

At Clymb, we see ourselves as climbers. Summiting the peak means we realize our company mission of enriching the lives of young people and dismantling harmful repetitive cycles through teaching emotional wellness.

Meet the Team

We believe that intentionally working together will help us to create real, sustainable change for our team, youth users, and the world.

Ashley Williams

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Furr

Operations Manager

Torianne Montes-Schiff

Communications Strategist

Cathy Brock

K-12 Partnerships

Avalon Bonlie

Partnership Success

Natalie Banwarth

Advisory Board

Kathryn Schotthoefer

Advisory Board

Dr. Joseph Olchefske

Advisory Board

Dr. Caprice Young

Advisory Board

Gabriel Auteri

Advisory Board

Becky Durana

Advisory Board