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Why Emotional Wellness Matters in School

By using Clymb for just three minutes a day, schools can expect to see a decrease in:



Low Self-Esteem

Low Academics


Behavioral Outbursts

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Amplify Your Support Systems


Amplify climate and culture outcomes with evidence-based practices and gather data with built-in progress monitoring


Amplify academics, social-emotional development, and career readiness with individualized learning strategies and social skills


Amplify student strengths with preventative and proactive wellness resources

Improve Academic Performance

9 in 10 students who perform well academically have high emotional intelligence, according to the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL)

Make Time for Growth

65% of teachers want more class time dedication to social-emotional learning

Boost Emotional IQ

93% of teachers believe the social emotional learning is as important as academic learning

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