In her ten year education career, Ashley Williams, CEO and Founder of Infinite Focus Schools, witnessed students struggle with self-regulation, anxiety, and stress; issues she also coped with in childhood. Since then, she’s become an emotional wellness advocate for youth and dedicated her career to the innovation of socio-emotional learning strategies. Infinite Focus Schools was founded with the mission to teach young people coping strategies that reduce the impact of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. Since 2018 the company has evolved but will still carry the same mission into the future under a new name: Clymb.

Ashley’s vision for Infinite Focus Schools was always to support, encourage, and improve life outcomes for as many students as possible. Transforming to Clymb helps the company to re-envision this journey. Rebranding helps a business clarify its mission, hone down on its purpose, and find product-market fit. The change comes after extensive market research. 40% of anonymous respondents identified Clymb (pronounced Climb) as the most compelling brand identity for an emotional health software for youth.

Asked about the rebranding, company Founder Ashley Williams says, With a single word, Clymb tells the story of our company and product. Upward movement is core to our company culture, and our commitment to forward motion has landed us on the leading edge of emotional wellness for young people. We are incredibly thrilled about our new innovation. I’m incredibly proud of Clymb’s traction, our amazing Clymb team, and I’m grateful that we get to do the work that we do.”

The rebranding to Clymb comes after a year of explosive growth. In 2021, the company closed its seed round after raising more than a half million dollars, earned the support of the American Heart Association, placed on the RealLIST Startups 2021 list of most promising startups in Baltimore, and supported students in hundreds of classrooms across the country.

In addition to the rebranding, Clymb has also made compelling innovations on its technology platform by personalizing emotional wellness for its youth users. Clymb now assesses the emotional health of its users and offers a personalized plan to improve their emotional wellness. The plan is adaptable and evolves with the emotional health status of the user. Clymb has also added hundreds of emotional wellness virtual resources, all developed by therapists, educators, mindfulness instructors, and emotional wellness experts. 

Like the rebranding, these recent technology innovations help Clymb to meet its mission of enriching the lives of young people and dismantling harmful repetitive cycles, ultimately enabling our next generation to ascend to new heights by assessing and teaching emotional wellness.