Build a Robust Wellness Protocol


Improve Student Outcomes

Investing in evidence-based training, tools, and instructional practices to achieve student success in Pittsburgh.

Student wellness and student success are inextricably linked. Prioritizing the wellbeing of students is key to achieving improved student outcomes which extends beyond academic achievement.

Ensuring that students graduate from high school college, career and life ready is paramount to their success. Providing students with a high-quality and robust educational experience for students is crucial in fostering the development of 21st century skills and tools to navigate the real world. Additionally, a safe, healthy and positive school climate lays the foundation for students to grow and flourish.

An emphasis on wellness empowers students to cultivate self-awareness, manage stress, and build healthy relationships, so that students have the opportunity to succeed in all aspects of life.


SEL & School Climate

Build a Culture of Success with SEL

Schoolwide implementation of social emotional learning (SEL) has positively impacted a broad range of student social, health, behavioral, and academic outcomes. SEL enables schools to cultivate healthy, safe and positive environments leading to decreased rates of suspension and reduced bullying.

Research has shown that implementing SEL leads to an 11% higher academic performance and for every $1 invested in SEL, there is an $11 return on investment in the long-term. Apart from high academic credentials, students today are required to have employability skills in order to be successful in the workforce.

Prioritizing improved student outcomes and the safety, health and wellness of students is the core focus of SEL


Clymb in Pittsburgh

How can Clymb support schools’ wellness protocols in Pittsburgh?

Clymb’s evidence-based tools provide personalized CASEL-aligned content to each student while simultaneously allowing educators and school leadership to monitor progress and provide growth oriented feedback through our Data Dashboard. Clymb’s resources have been shown to improve school climate, create optimal student learning experiences and improve academic achievement.

Our evidence-based content promotes social emotional wellness thereby prioritizing student needs and outcomes. Clymb’s resources help students to develop skills of communication, teamwork, problem-solving, critical thinking, adaptability, and leadership which are essential employability skills.

Clymb focuses on improved student outcomes ensuring that students graduate college, career and life ready.


Clymb’s Alignment with the Pittsburgh School District’s Priority Goals

Clymb supports the following goals of Superintendent Dr Walter’s 5 Priority Goals:

Goal #1: Invest in culturally responsive, evidence-based training, tools, and instructional practices.

Goal #2: Construct safety, health, and wellness protocols.

Clymb’s evidence-based tools support schools to improve climate and focus on improved student outcomes in addition to allowing educators to monitor progress and growth over time. Clymb also promotes safety in schools, fosters positive mindsets and promotes academic achievement and social emotional wellness for all.


Tools for Success

  • Evidence-based, CASEL-aligned content.
  • Data Dashboards to monitor progress and make data-driven decisions.
  • Improves school climate & academic performance.
  • Reduced bullying and suspensions
  • Promotes 21st century skills
  • Fits within ASCA Mindsets MTSS and PBIS frameworks

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