Young people are going through a mental health crisis and parents across the country are being affected. Companies can recognize this opportunity to support and empower their employees with children and set themselves apart, ultimately building more connected, resilient and confident teams.

Over half of all working parents have had to visit a professional, such as a pediatrician, psychologist, or therapist, due to their child’s emotional health concerns. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this number has only increased as children face even more stressors, resulting in an overlap in work and home life for parents.

For your employees with children, being a parent is their #1 job. Across the country, the wellbeing of their children has been reported as the largest factor in parents’ wellbeing, with over 56% of working parents saying the stresses of their job were harder to handle because of their child’s emotional health and development.

A 2022 study done by On Our Sleeves, a national education and advocacy organization based at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, found that six in ten working parents were “very” to “extremely concerned” about their child’s emotional wellbeing and development, as well as behavioral issues and development in the previous two years.

Working parents say the pressures of their job are much more difficult to handle due to their child’s emotional health and development, and 53% have been interrupted at work because of children’s mental health concerns. This article will explore the findings of the 2022 ‘On Our Sleeves’ study on these impacts and how employers can bridge the gap and offer help to working parents.

By empowering parents with tools to better connect with their children and learn how to identify and manage their emotions you will build trust and create a stronger, more confident workforce.

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